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Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.

Tony Robbins


High School with average grades

Goal – to be an architect/builder (college required)

Be curious.  Learn something new.  Find and explore things that you are interested in to determine if that can be a future career.

– Unsolicited Life Advice


Commercial Builder

Oversaw the construction of large construction projects.  In charge of scheduling, cost, contracts, and management of every aspect of implementation.


Build businesses from an idea to helping grow business.  Develop creative ideas and concepts to implement in reaching potential customers.  Logos | Websites | Online Marketing | Videos

Real Estate Agent

Help buyers find homes.  Help sellers sell homes.  Find income properties for investors.

Property Investor

Locate, purchase, and restore homes for income producing rentals.

Scott Ferguson


buildings.   business.  ideas.  people.